Top 108 Funniest Women – Part 1 (108-97)

I am so excited for these posts that will celebrate the humor and wit of 108 Actresses and Comedians that have given me and others endless hours of laughs.

Humor is different for everyone.  For me, I find people funny who can play off other people.  Reactions are funny to me.  Anyone can tell a joke, these are women who are mostly smart, witty and react to their surroundings in a comical way.

Now lets begin our countdown…

#108.  Chelsea Handler


Chelsea Handler is a former stand up comic, who now has a late night talk show on the E! Network. Her humor is very brash. She is also a best-selling author, making fun of her own life of drinking and hook ups.

Best Performance: Any roundtable discussion on “Chelsea Lately”

#107.  Eliza Coupe


Eliza Coupe is the best part of the now cancelled “Happy Endings”. A great ensemble cast, yet Eliza really had the most natural comedic timing of the group. She previously had a short stint on “Scrubs”, but other than that nothing as big as “Endings”.

Best Performance: Jane Kerkovich-Williams on “Happy Endings”

#106.  Penny Marshall


Most people know Penny Marshall as an acclaimed director, but in the 70’s, she was a sitcom star. She has an impressive resume when it comes to shows in that era, “The Odd Couple”, “Mary Tyler Moore”, “Happy Days”, and “Laverne and Shirley”. Her dry wit played off Cindy Williams’ manic Shirley perfectly.

Best Performance: Laverne DeFazio on “Laverne and Shirley”

#105.  Christina Applegate


Christina Applegate started acting when she was a teenager, playing dumb blonde, Kelly Bundy, on Married with Children. A role she did for ten years, which could have led to being typecast in dumb blonde sort of roles. Instead Applegate made some great movies and starred in 2 more television series’.

Best Performance : Kelly Bundy on “Married With Children”

#104.  Lauren Graham


Lauren Graham was a frequent guest star on many nineties sitcoms until she landed her own show “Gilmore Girls” in 2000. Where Graham really shines is on the talk show circuit. She is so awkwardly clever, you can’t wait to see what she is going to say next.

Best Performance : Herself on “Ellen”

#103.  Elizabeth Banks

ABC's "Modern Family" - Season One

Elizabeth Banks has a diverse range of movies and television shows under her belt. She has been everywhere in the last few years, most notably, “The Hunger Games”, in which her role needs to have a comedic twist to it. She delivers perfectly as she does in every role she has.

Best Performance: Avery Jessup on “30 Rock”

#102.  Marla Gibbs


As the sassy housekeeper on “The Jeffersons”, Marla Gibbs stole every scene she was in. From 1975 to 1990 Marla had a home on network television, also starring in the series 227, a great feat for a black actress at the time.

Best Performance: Florence Johnston on “The Jeffersons”

#101.  Kaley Cuoco


We first recognized Kaley Cuoco as the ditzy teenage daughter of John Ritter and Katy Segal on “8 Simple Rules”. Even as a young actress she kept up the pace with Ritter and Segal. She really hit the jackpot with the role of Penny on “The Big Bang Theory”. She plays the straight girl in a universe of nerds and does it with hilarity and compassion.

Best Performance : Penny on “The Big Bang Theory”

#100.  Cheryl Hines


Cheryl Hines is an underrated comedic actress. She has done a lot of bit parts in movies and television. Her improvisational role in “Curb your Enthusiasm” solidified her as a funny lady. Now starring in “Suburgatory”, a very different character, she has shown her range of comedy.

Best Performance: Cheryl David on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

#99.  Rachel Dratch


The first of several “Saturday Night Live” alums on this list. SNL is still Rachel’s most famous outlet, even though she has been in countless movies and sitcoms over the years. She usually has a small part, but will probably steal the scene she is in.

Best Performance: Debby Downer on “Saturday Night Live”

#98.  Zooey Deschanel


Zooey started out as a character actress in movies such as “Almost Famous” and “The Good Girl”. Noticed for her comedic skills, she then had starring roles in “Elf” and “500 Days of Summer”. But it was her 2011 hit sitcom “New Girl” that made her a household name and also made the word “adorkable” mainstream.

Best Performance : Jess on “New Girl”

#97.  Janeane Garofalo


Janeane became really big in the nineties as this fresh voice among female comics. She had such intelligence about her, at the same time being extremely cynical. She worked often with Ben Stiller, most famously in “Reality Bites”. She has done a little of everything in her career, including dramas (“24”), voice acting (“Ratatouille”) and sitcoms (“Seinfeld”).

Best Performance : Paula on “The Larry Sanders Show”


Top 12 Performances From “Orange Is The New Black”

Netflix subscribers were treated to a new series (from Netflix) on July 11th called “Orange is the New Black”.  Created by Jenji Kohan, of Weeds fame, this is real life story based on Piper Kerman’s year in a women’s federal prison.  It truly is one of the best shows I have seen in recent years, full of rich characters and great storytelling. 


We follow the story of Piper Chapman, a well to do woman about to get married, who is sentenced to 15 months in prison.  She was involved with a drug runner, who was her ex girlfriend, and they are now both serving time in the same facility. 



Spoiler Alert – I will be discussing the entire first season, so if you haven’t watched all 13 episodes you may not want to read this post until you do so.

I could probably do 2 or 3 posts full of great performances of this show, there are so many.  Here are my 12 favorite:


#12. Uzo Aduba as “Susanna (Crazy Eyes) Warren” 


Crazy Eyes was enamored with Piper when she first arrived at Litchfield Prison.  Scaring Piper a bit, Susanna comes on a tad strong and refers to her as her wife and calls her Dandelion.  When Piper rebuffs her, Crazy Eyes lives up to her name and gets very angry.  In a running theme of the show, the characters that we are introduced to in the first couple episodes, we judge harshly, just as Piper is doing.  As we get to know these people, we realize there is so much more to them.  Crazy Eyes is a perfect example.  In a heartfelt scene with Piper, near the end of the season, Susanna, who usually erratic and bouncy, is now calmly laying on a bed talking about going to the psych ward.  How horrible it is, and doesn’t know why she was sent there or why people call her Crazy Eyes.  Great scene by Aduba, who brings this character an unexpected depth.


#11. Danielle Brooks as “Tasha ‘Taystee’ Jefferson”


Taystee is a playful soul always looking to have fun.  Her best friend is Poussey and the two of them pretty much run the black tribe.  Taystee cuts a deal with Piper early on, something to eat for a lock of her hair.  Then Taystee walks around prouder than anything with a curly blond lock of hair among her waves of black.  We see her actually get released from prison and going through mixed emotions about it.  Once she gets out, she has nowhere to go.  Realizing she has more of a life inside prison than she does outside, she gets herself back in.  It is sad but true for many inmates who have been in for a long while and the adjustment to the real world is too much to handle.  Brooks plays a fantastic character here and plays off the other women so exceptionally well.


#10. Yael Stone as “Lorna Morello”


Lorna is driving the van to pick up the new inmates when we first see her.  Realizing that she herself is an inmate, Piper says “They let you drive the van?”  And in her (not really sure what kind) accent, basically lays out the ins and outs of what the newbies are to expect.  She describes the separations of race, not as racial, but as tribal.  Everyone knows what their place is in their tribe.  We see her have an intimate relationship with Nicky and assume they are together. We soon learn that Lorna is planning her wedding, to a man, once she gets out.  Unfortunately, it appears that Lorna’s boyfriend has moved on, as she hasn’t heard from him since she got in.  Lorna is so optimistic though, and all the other girls go along with her wedding talk even though they know it probably isn’t going to happen. 


#9.Vicky Jeudy as “Janae Watson”


Janae is also a new inmate that comes in at the same time as Piper.  She is angry right off the bat, very defensive.  She was a track star but getting mixed up in the wrong crowd got her sent her to prison.  Her back story does a good job of showing that all it takes is just one tiny choice to set forth the path of your life.   She is the first inmate, that we see, get sent to solitary confinement or the SHU.  There is a great scene after she gets out of her standing in the sun, reminiscent of Shawshank Redemption.  As time goes on she lowers her defenses and is one of the more fun personalities at Litchfield.

#8. Jason Biggs as “Larry Bloom”


The men in this series are certainly not as intriguing as the women are.  Biggs does a great job trying to be the patient, understanding fiancée of Piper.  His unraveling is one of the harder stories to watch.  He loves Piper so much, he was willing to overlook all her shortcomings in her former life, and stand by her side.  She really wants him to wait for her and believes in her heart that they will be married once she gets out.  Yet, her life is changing dramatically,and Larry’s basically stays the same.  I think this is a very understated role, Biggs needs to go through this roller coaster of emotions that Larry would be going through and that is difficult to do.  Not only does he have to deal with the fact his girlfriend was dating a woman who transported drug money, now she is locked up with her.  One of the best scenes in the whole season is when he comes to the prison to see Alex.  He does a great job at being this protective boyfriend at the same time being extremely jealous of this woman, who then tells him it isn’t her he needs to worry about it is Piper. 

#7. Natasha Lyonne as “Nicky Nichols”


When we first meet Nicky, she is probably the closest thing to the stereotypical woman in prison model that we are used to.  A former junkie, gay and very street smart.  As we get to know Nicky, as with most of these characters, there is much more to her.  In her back story we realize that she is just craving some motherly love from her snob of a mother.  Red, in turn, fills that role for her in prison and she becomes very close with Red and her group.  She also forms a nice bond with Alex, that you would expect to turn sexual, but doesn’t until the very end.  She provides a lot of the comic relief in this place and doesn’t take anything to seriously.  Lyonne does a great job depicting Nicky as a hard-bitten soul who always shows just a glimmer of heart to let us know she really is a good person.

#6. Michelle Hurst as “Miss Claudette”


Miss Claudette is feared by most of the inmates.  She is an older woman who is very strict about what goes on, especially in her room.  Piper ends up being roommates with her and they get off on the wrong foot, to say the least.  Eventually she softens up to Piper and the two have a nice friendship.  Claudette’s hopes are exhausted, she barely even cares about attempting her parole.   Once the man that she has loved for several years returns, sans wife, Claudette has a renewed look on life.  She is working hard to be kinder to people and enlists Piper to help her with her parole.  When she gets denied, Claudette falls hard, she begins choking the new young female prison guard.  The last we hear of her is that they are taking her to Maximum Security.  Let’s hope this isn’t the last we see of Miss Claudette.

#5. Laverne Cox as “Sophia Burset”


Sophia is a Transgender woman who struggles with missing her wife and son.  Her wife Crystal has stood by her through the transformation and now through prison, but it is wearing on her.  Sophia can only watch her drift further and further away.  The resident hair stylist, Sophia is very caring and listens to the other inmates problems very objectively.  She creates a strong bond with Sister Ingalls, a nun that is also incarcerated.  Cox portrays Sophia as this gentle giant among all these aggressive women.  Sophia could kick all their asses time and time over, but once you get to know her, she is last women in there that would pick a fight. 

#4. Kate Mulgrew as “Galina (“Red”) Reznikov


We are first introduced to Red as the head of the kitchen.  She is insulted by a remark from Piper, and we realize that this women is in a very powerful position, even though, she herself is an inmate.  Cutting Piper off from any food, Piper spends the first few days starving because of her insult.  She gets back in her good graces once she finds something that Red can use and makes a peace-offering.  We learn here, that there is much more to Red than a tyrant in an apron.  Outside she and her husband were involved with the Russian Mob and inside she has taken the junkies under her wing to keep them off drugs.  She is running a trade ring through the produce in the kitchen and when one of the guards finds out, it is a straight downward spiral for poor Red.  The last shot of her is in the lunch line and the new head of the kitchen, is now denying her food, just as she had done to Piper in the first Episode. 

#3. Taryn Manning as “Tiffany (“Pennsatucky”)Doggett


A meth addict, Doggett goes around the prison praising the lord’s name, and persecuting all who do not believe the same.  Manning’s performance here is what makes this character shine.  Her scraggly hair and funky teeth do not matter to Doggett, she is confident the Lord will guide her in the right direction.  She hates Alex, which prompts Alex and Piper to mess with her in thinking she is a true Christian healer.  This lands her in psych, and even though Piper is the one to get her out, she has it out for them.  The season ends with an emotional confrontation between Tiffany and Piper.  Piper is at her absolute lowest point we have seen her, and Tiffany is relentlessly tormenting her.  The last episode ends with Piper beating the hell out of Doggett right after Healy turned his back on them. 

#2.  Laura Prepon as “Alex Vause”

imagesCA58ZHQZI have to admit, going into this I wasn’t too excited about Prepon in this role.  I was not a huge fan of Donna on That 70’s show, yet I don’t think that was any fault of Prepon.  What I am getting at is that I was blown away by her performance of Alex, the ex-girlfriend of Piper, and the reason this story is unfolding.  A drug smuggler who fell head over heels for the straight, doe-eyed blonde girl.  We learn from her back story that she was a poor, nerdy girl, who got bullied a lot in school.  Her Dad is an aging, has-been rock star, that she doesn’t meet until she is in her 20’s.  Piper leaves Alex after having enough of  her life of crime.  Alex was then hurt by Piper for leaving her at her most vulnerable state, when her Mom died.   Yet there is this connection and chemistry between them that is electric. One of the things that Prepon does so great is give glances and looks that says so much more in a scene than words ever could. The glasses are a perfect touch, a constant reminder of this badass drug smuggler, who is really just that nerdy little girl trying to find her way in the world.

#1.  Taylor Schilling as “Piper Chapman”


It is probably cliché to say that the star of the show pulls off the best performance, but in this case I have to give it up to Schilling.  Piper is an amazingly complex woman and Schilling plays each scene with exactly what is needed.  Piper is always both sides of the coin.  She is in love with Larry, her fiance, and at the same time falling back in love with her ex girlfriend Alex.  She is selfish and privileged, but always tries to do the right thing for others.  She can be weak, but yet has this inner strength that comes out blazing when she needs it to.  She is naive in so many ways , but has also led a wild and exciting life.  Every time Schilling is on-screen she absolutely nails the emotions that Piper must be feeling. I do believe that she makes this show what it is, and it would be hard to picture anyone else in this role.  That is what makes a great performance.


Honorable Mention: 


I can’t go without including the performance of Regina Spektor in the opening credits.  The song “You’ve Got Time” is so brilliant and the pictures of just the eyes and mouths of the inmates to go along with it, is pure perfection.


Top 12 Arizona/Callie Moments – Part 1


In the aftermath of the May 16th season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, lets reflect on the relationship of Arizona Robbins and Calliope Torres. A super storm rocked Seattle Grace the last we seen it, and unfortunately these two had their own issues that were coming out in the midst of it. We can only hang on and hope for the best in Season 10. In the meantime, here are our favorite moments between one of the most interesting couples on television.



#12. Kiss at Alex and Izzie’s Wedding (Season 5 Episode 22: What a Difference a Day Makes)


It is a subtle moment but one that is so sweet. It’s been a tough few days for Callie, who is now broke because her father emptied her bank account, she has been working at night in the ER for extra money. She is also trying to hide from Arizona the fact that she can’t afford expensive dates. Callie tries pushing her away, but Arizona keeps pursuing her and eventually tells Callie that none of that matters. Callie rewards Arizona with a peck on the cheek during the ceremony, Arizona closes her eyes and takes it in as the sweet gesture that Callie intended.


#11. Bathroom Meltdown (Season 9 Episode 3: Love the One You’re With)


When we left Season 8 Arizona’s life was in peril because of the devastating plane crash. As we enter Season 9 we learn that Arizona survived but her leg was amputated, and Callie made the decision to do it after Arizona asked her to promise not to. Arizona has now blamed Callie for her now very difficult life. She drives away all the nurses who try to help, so when she tries to get to the bathroom on her own she can not. Callie finds her on the floor crying and screaming at her. Callie picks her up and turns on the shower, holding her against the wall. Callie loses it and between tears and yells says that this is now her life too. And for the first time we see Arizona start to realize that Callie is hurting too.


#10.  “You. Are. Great.”  (Season 6 Episode 8: Invest In Love)


This Episode really focuses on Arizona as a surgeon.  She is somewhat pushed into doing a surgery on a long time patient because the parents are going to donate $25K if she does.  She feels like she is doing it for the wrong reasons and doesn’t want to go in the OR not feeling totally confident.  She confides in Callie and needs help to convince herself that she is good enough to do the operation. Callie repeats over and over that she is great, but the last time she says it, “You. Are. Great.”  you can see Callie is falling in love with her.



#9.  Dr. Torres helps relieve Arizona’s pain (Season 9 Episode 18: Idle Hands)


It has been months of pain and anguish for our beloved doctors.  Arizona had finally started to feel like herself again and tonight is going to be their night.  At work Callie can tell that Arizona is struggling with her prosthetic.  She finds her in the x-ray room in pain and tells her that she can help.  Taking off her leg she gently massages it.  The banter between them and the looks Arizona gives her are really the gem in this scene.   Once Callie gets home, she finds Arizona in bed in lingerie, and for the first time in months they finally connect.


#8.  The Car Accident (Season 7 Episode 18: Song Beneath the Song)


It was hard to pick just one moment in this episode.  I seriously love this episode, as I have done another post on it as well.  Instead of using several moments and taking up the entire list, I am going to lump them all in this one slot.  Key scenes include:  Arizona asking Callie to marry her. Mark and Arizona’s conflict throughout the episode on how to handle Callie and the baby.  Arizona telling Callie to live for her.  Alex comforting Arizona.  The climatic scene when Callie wakes up and says yes.  All of them very powerful and important  in the development of their relationship.


#7.  “I Love You”  (Season 6 Episode 8: Invest In Love)


A continuation from #10, Arizona is dealing with this very difficult surgery and it is also her birthday.  Callie decides to throw her a surprise party.  When Arizona comes home she burst into tears and goes running out the door.  The boy had died and she felt terrible about doing the surgery in the first place.  Arizona goes back to the hospital to comfort the parents and when she gets home, Callie is asleep on the couch, with the remnants of the party around her.  When she wakes up she tries to cheer Arizona by still being willing to celebrate.  Arizona simply smiles at her and says for the first time, “I love you.”


#6. Arizona is “A Good Man In A Storm”  (Season 6 Episode 5: Invasion)


Callie’s father shows up at the hospital after months of not speaking.  He brings a priest with him to try to “heal” Callie from her being gay.  Callie, who is now much more confident in who she is, is unbelievably upset.  Arizona finds her and she is sobbing uncontrollably.  Arizona is a rock as she silently holds her head as she cries.  Afterward, Arizona delivers a speech for the ages to Callie’s father.  Explaining that her name Arizona is from the battleship, not the state.  She was raised in a military family and was taught to protect the things she loved causing Mr. Torres to rethink his reservations and make up with his daughter. 


#5.  Arizona is “A Bad Man In A Storm”  (Season 9 Episode 24 : Perfect Storm)


Arizona has fallen.  She is broken.  The plane crash that killed Mark and Lexi and claimed her leg is resurfacing feelings that have been bottled up for months. It was a very rough year for Calzona, but after months they finally seemed like they were in a good place.  Now enters a new doctor who is immediately infatuated with Arizona and she likes the attention.  Arizona cheats on Callie with the new doctor during the storm’s blackout, and we are all stunned.  Not until this scene in the finale do we really understand the reasoning.  Callie is crushed and doesn’t understand why, and Arizona just loses it.  She wasn’t on the plane and will never know what that felt like.  And then the topper came when she  says, “You want the street cred, the badge of honor, the warrior wounds, then pull out your leg and I’ll get the bone saw and we’ll even the score.”  Callie then realized that she hasn’t gotten over her amputation in which Arizona screams, “You haven’t lost anything.”  All Callie could say was “Apparently I lost you.”  Absolutely heartbreaking.  Really tremendous acting by Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez.


#4. The Break Up (Season 6 Episode 21: How Insensitive)


The first official break up of the now popular couple was a tough one.  They had been arguing for weeks about wanting to have children.  Arizona being against it and Callie desperately wanting them.  Callie finally came to the realization that she needed to be with someone who wanted the same things she did.  The break up was so unique in the fact that they both declared their love for each other, but couldn’t agree on this one thing.  They both sacrificed that love so the other one could be happy.  Holding each other, they didn’t want to let go.  They said goodbye painfully and respectfully, thinking it was for the best.


#3.  The Make Up (Season 7 Episode 13 : Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go))


Arizona left Callie at the airport and went to Africa without her.   In the meantime Callie, devastated, ran to her best friend Mark, and is now pregnant with his baby.  Arizona comes home and is begging Callie to take her back and then she drops the bombshell that there is now a baby too.  Arizona tries to be supportive and be there, but it isn’t until they hear the heartbeat that things really clicked.  Another great speech by Arizona as she starts moving Callie’s things back in her apartment.  Callie reluctant to be back together, Arizona just says, “We are together!”  Then she puts her hand on Callie’s stomach and says” We’re having a baby”, which just melts Callie’s heart.  After months of hardship between these two, it was a very satisfying reunion.


#2. After Shock (Season 6 Episode 24 : Death And All His Friends)


Still broken up over the fact that they couldn’t agree on having kids, Arizona and Callie are stuck in the same room while a shooter went on a rampage through the hospital.  Callie was strong and protected Arizona and her young patient.  When it was over, what they both sacrificed for each other before, they do again.  Callie says she doesn’t need kids, just her.  Arizona says no, they will have lots of kids because she can’t live without her.  There is so much depth to these characters which makes them such a fan favorite.  


#1.  Elevator Kiss (Season 6 Episode 22 : Shiny Happy People)


It’s been a week or so after the couple broke up, not because they didn’t love each other.   After being separated, they end up on the elevator alone together.  Everything about this scene is perfection.  Arizona has her back to Callie who is leaning against the wall.  Callie, visibly anxious, says, just under her breath, “Arizona”.  That is all Arizona needs to trigger the lusty kiss she plants on Callie as she pushes her against the back of the elevator.  The intensity and passion that plays out is so fiery and honest and sensual.  If you weren’t rooting for these two before you were now.  Unbelievably acted by Capshaw and Ramirez!  They do so much acting with just their looks and mannerisms it is remarkable.  Once they stop, they stare at each other and Arizona starts to go in for another kiss and stops, turns gets off the elevator and never looks back.  It left us the viewer, and Callie gasping for air.

Top 12 Favorite Season Finales of 2012

These are my top 12 favorite television finales or events that have happened in 2012.  May is such a great time to be a television watcher. This year was capped off with some emotional endings and a few sad goodbyes.

#12.  Dancing With The Stars  (Season 14 “Season Finale”)

This season had some of the most talented celebrity dancers ever.  Katherine Jenkins, an opera singer from Wales, came right out of the gate on week one and wowed everyone.  She continued all the way to the end until losing to Green Bay Packer, Donald Driver.  Donald gave every dance all that he had each week, and it was a well deserved win.  It  just happens that there were 2 other dancers just as good, Jenkins and Latin heart-throb William Levy.  If anything, it made for a fantastic finale with the lowest score being 59 out of 60.


#11.  Modern Family (Season 3 Episode 24 “Baby on Board”)

The critical sweetheart was a bit hit and miss this season.  They had some really funny episodes (Aunt Mommy) and some real duds too (Tableau Vivant), but the season finale did everything right.  What Modern Family does so great is that it mixes the humor in with heartfelt moments throughout this complex family.  The scenes between Jay and Lily are absolutely wonderful.  Cam and Mitchell losing yet another adoption in some sort of odd Spanish soap opera world, is both hilarious and touching.   And Gloria is pregnant?  What?  Oh boy, can’t wait until Mitchell and Claire find out they will have a new brother or sister.


#10.  Once Upon A Time (Season 1  Episode 22 “A Land Without Magic”)

Once Upon A Time turned out to be a very fun,Disneyesque show.  The main premise of the new series is that there is a curse on the town of Storybrooke, and none of the townspeople know they are actually story book characters.  It has made for a very interesting story but at the end of the season finale, the curse is broken??  The characters are “waking up”  and realizing who they are.  Extremely ambitious of the brand new series do this so early in its development.  It was sweet that the curse was broken from Emma kissing her son Henry’s head.  Of course, I am sure that everything isn’t going to end happily ever after, since when we last saw Regina/Evil Queen, a purple cloud of smoke was enveloping the town.


#9.  Smash (Season 1  Episode 15 “Bombshell”)

This is the second freshman series finale on my list.  Smash started out very strong when it debuted in early February.  In only 15 episodes it has managed to create very well-defined characters and an intoxicating world surrounding the tumultuous life of a Broadway show. Based on the life of Marilyn Monroe, we have watched our two leading ladies battle all season for the coveted lead role.  The director picks Karen in the end, who he has envisioned all along, and she nails the final number as we last see her.  On the flip side Ivy, who lost the role, is on a downward spiral, much like Marilyn, and she is now contemplating suicide. Other highlights include producers, Tom and Julia, trying to fix the ending that didn’t work and slimy assistant Ellis finally getting fired.

#8. Glee (Season 3 Episode  22 “Goodbye”)

The guilty pleasure known as Glee, delivered a very poignant ending for the seniors at McKinley High.  After finally winning Nationals, the glee club was on a high coming back to school and then realized that this was it for them as a group.  The student’s melodies were all about saying goodbye, to each other, to the glee club, and to their life as they knew it.  This episode really showcased the gem that has elevated Glee to different level, Lea Michele.  Much like her character Rachel, she has a star quality that is above the rest.  Her vocals are unbelievable and her acting is so spot on that sometimes you feel she should be doing something so much better.  The final scene where Finn tells her she is going to New York, is brilliantly played by Michele.  If she does not return next season I do believe Glee will suffer, but hopefully we will get a little of Rachael’s adventures in NYC.


#7. Survivor: One World (Season 24 Episode 14 “Perception Is Not Always Reality)

Survivor is finally dominated by a woman and it was satisfying to see Kim Spradlin’s journey from start to finish.  Rarely has a woman ever been so strong strategically and physically.  It was the Kim show and the rest of them were just there for the ride. Not a terribly entertaining season, nonetheless, it is nice to root for a clear winner, and have them actually triumph in the end.



#6.  The Good Wife (Season 3 Episode 22 “The Dream Team”)

It was another solid finale for the classiest show on television.  The title of the episode could be referring to the duo of Louis Canning (Michael J Fox) and Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton).  They are trying to take down Lockhart/Gardner and don’t care who goes down with it.  Of course, the dream team could also be Alicia and Peter who are just trying to do right by their kids.  Peter who is now living in their old home with the kids, and we leave Alicia standing outside debating whether or not to go back in and have dinner with them. Yet, I like to think that the Dream Team is Kalinda and Alicia.  It took a long time for Alicia to come around to Kalinda and we are all better for it.  Kalinda, who doesn’t care about anyones feelings, really cares for Alicia, and she was much weaker without her support.  Now that Alicia is back on her side, they can both fight this mysterious husband that is bound to stir up trouble. 


#5.  Desperate Housewives (Season 8 Episode 22 & 23 “Give Me The Blame” & “Finishing The Hat”)

After eight years the ladies of Wisteria Lane say goodbye.  In an emotional two-hour finale, we laughed, cried and smiled all the way through, and in typical fashion, gasped at the end of the episode.  Housewives, for me, was that show each week that was just consistently good.  It was always fun and it had a unique tone to it, that many others have tried to recreate, but couldn’t.  The four main women, were so incredible in these roles and they all needed to be there to make the show work.  Many neighbors came and went, but those four remained true to the story for eight years.  It is sad to think that none of them live on Wisteria Lane anymore, but our imaginations can run wild knowing there are still mysterious doings happening there.


#4.  Fringe (Season 4 Episode 22 “Brave New World: Part 2”)

Fringe is my favorite show that no one is watching.  One of the most creative shows on television, this season was no exception.  The finale was built almost as a series finale, as there was a possibility that it wouldn’t get a fifth season.  Luckily there will be a final season and we will get a proper end to a complex, intriguing story.  As far as season finales go, this was one of the best.  It had all the elements that you could want, a pregnancy reveal, two main characters shot and brought back to life and, of course, a surprise cameo.  In this case it was Leonard Nimoy back as William Bell.  Fringe has turned a sharp corner in its storytelling and it isn’t looking back, the final season has a lot to live up to and “Brave New World” has set it up very nicely.


#3.  Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8 Episode 24  “Flight”)

If there is one thing you can count on in May, it’s that the Grey’s Anatomy finale will ROCK! Any other show would have had “Migration” as the finale.  All the doctors board the plane and we cut to the plane crash…the end, see you in September.  Not Grey’s, they gave us the struggle before leaving us dangling for dear life.  They also gave us the teaser that one of the doctors was going to die, so you kept hoping your favorite was going to make it.   Unfortunately, it was Lexie, with a few others not looking so good.  Keeping the rest of Seattle Grace in the dark about the crash was a bit frustrating for us as viewers, but that will hopefully start Season 9 off with a bang.  Sandra Oh, after this years performance, and especially this episode, deserves an Emmy more than ever, please give her one!!


#2.  Saturday Night Live (Season 37  Episode 22  “Mick Jagger”)

This was almost my number one pick, the reason I made it number two was that as a whole episode, I didn’t think it was worthy for the top spot.  It had some really great moments and cameos throughout,  including Jon Hamm and Steve Martin, but it was Kristen Wiig’s farewell that stole the show.  It was the last sketch and it concluded with a graduation ceremony with Kristen being serenaded to by Mick Jagger and Arcade Fire to “She’s Like a Rainbow.”  It started out really cute as all the cast members took a turn to dance with Wiig, then you could start to feel the emotion coming out of her as she was trying to hold back her tears.  Even Lorne Michaels came out, which is a testament to how important she is to the cast. The lyrics are perfectly suited for her, “She comes in colors everywhere”  as the many characters on SNL that she has given us for seven years.   The show comes to a close as the whole cast plus the guest stars and some alumni (Amy Poehler, Chris Parnell and Chris Kattan) sing “Ruby Tuesday” and most importantly the line, “Still we’re gonna miss you.”

#1. Parks and Recreation (Season 4 Episode 22  “Win, Lose or Draw”)

It was the climax that we have all been waiting for, the results of Leslie’s election in which the whole season has been based on.  I had mixed feelings on whether I wanted Leslie to win or not, and I think that is what the writers wanted us to feel.  I think it probably represented a lot of the characters as well.  As we obviously wanted Leslie to triumph, things are going to change in the Parks Department, and are we ready for that?  Well, after a recount Leslie did win and things are going to change. Leslie is now on the city council, Ben is off to D.C. to work on a congressional campaign and Andy might pursue a new career in the police department.  One of the best episodes in its four seasons.  It was really funny with a lot of emotional scenes, most importantly Leslie’s acceptance speech, which was superbly played by Amy Poehler.  Maybe her best scene so far on this show.  Absolute perfection!

Top 108 Movies – Part 1 (108- 97)

This is another 9 part series featuring my favorites films of all time.  Again, these are not films that I think are the greatest movies ever made, they are just movies that I have enjoyed.

So lets begin our countdown……………….

#108.  Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)

Set around a campy 50’s movie Amazon Women on the Moon and the television programming that is on at 3:00 in the morning.  It has a bunch of sketches that are silly and stupid, but so much fun.  The cast is full of many stars including Michelle Pfieffer, Griffin Dunne, Arsenio Hall, Rosanna Arquette, Steve Guttenberg and Kelly Preston. 

Directed by : Joe Dante

Notable Performance:  David Alan Grier as Don “No Soul” Simmons


#107.  Delirious  (1991)

John Candy is Jack Gable, a soap opera writer who gets hit on the head and wakes up in the world of the show he writes for.  He then continues to write to try to change what all the characters are doing.  He is trying to make the star of the show, Rachael, fall in love with him.  He then realizes that all he is writing isn’t turning out the way he wants it to.  A fun, underrated movie with a great supporting cast, Emma Samms, Mariel Hemmingway, Jerry Orbach, Dylan Baker and in one of his last performances, Raymond Burr.

Directed by:  Tom Mankiewicz

Notable Performance : John Candy as Jack Gable

#106.  Eddie & The Cruisers (1983)

A film about a fictional band and a reporter that is investigating the mysterious death of its lead singer Eddie Wilson.  It is 20 years since his death and they are re-releasing the bands first album and doing a documentary on them.  There are a lot of flashbacks to the bands hey day up to when Eddie was killed.  Michael Pare does a great job playing Eddie, and the music, provided by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, is remarkable.  The ending gave me goosebumps the first time I saw it, unfortunately it was followed by a less than average sequel.



Directed by:  Martin Davidson

Notable Performance:  Tom Berenger as Frank Ridgeway

#105.  Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Based on the 1960 movie and broadway show of the same name. Seymore is a nerdy guy who works at a plant shop and he discovers a venus fly trap.  He tries to keep it alive, but it needs blood to live.  Seymore must then resort to drastic measures to keep his plant growing.  Little Shop has some really great catchy tunes and some amazing cameos, including Bill Murray, Christopher Guest,  John Candy and James Belushi.


Directed by:  Frank Oz

Notable Performance:  Steve Martin as Orin Scrivello DDS

#104.  Vertigo  (1958)

Detective Scottie Ferguson has a terrifying fear of heights.  He retires from the police force because of an incident and his friend asks him if he would like to be a private investigator and keep an eye on his wife.   He thinks his wife is possessed by a dead woman.  Scotty follows her all over and she ends up trying to commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.  He saves her and he starts to fall in love with her.  From there the story twists and turns like any great Hitchcock film.  The story is really a character study of this man and his fears. 

Directed by:  Alfred Hitchcock

Notable Performance:  Jimmy Stewart as John “Scottie” Ferguson

#103.  Casino Royale (2006)

James Bond’s first mission, he is instructed to prevent Le Chiffre from winning a poker game which would result in bankrolling terrorists.  The origin of James Bond, we get to see a lot of his flaws including falling in love.  Daniel Craig’s first shot at Bond and he did wonderfully well, despite many skeptics.  This movie has everything, action, romance, beautiful scenery and a very sexy 007. 


Directed by:  Martin Campbell

Notable Performance:  Daniel Craig as James Bond 007

Awards:  Best Sound – BAFTA Awards 2007

#102.  Speed (1994)

Speed is a very fun, action packed thriller of a film.  A terrorist, played by Dennis Hopper, has rigged a bomb to go off on a city bus if the speed of the bus goes under 50 mph.  On the bus is a police officer, Keanu Reeves in one of his best  and civilian Annie, who is now driving the bus.  Just a really fun popcorn movie, doesn’t seem like they make that many of these kind anymore. 



Directed by: Jan de Bont

Notable Performance : Sandra Bullock as Annie Porter


#101.  Casablanca (1942) (Best Picture 1944)

Set at the beginning of WWII, Casablanca is a movie about love, hope, courage and pain.  Rick Blaine runs a night club and is in the middle of an intriguing plot where he ends up with 2 letters of transit, which are basically free passes to leave Casablanca and return to America.  He ex, Elsa, shows up in his club and they rekindle what they once had.  Rick now has to make decisions based on what is right and his love for Elsa.  The ending is one of, if not the most famous, endings of all cinema.  Heart-wrenching and very real.  

Directed by:  Michael Curtiz (Best Director 1944)

Notable Performance : Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine


#100.  Rocky IV (1985)

Rocky Balboa is retired, living the high life and through with boxing.  His buddy Apollo Creed is making a big spectacle over his fight with Russian boxer Ivan Drago.  Drago is built like a machine and he is unstoppable.  Apollo is killed by the Russian, and Rocky needs to get revenge for his friend and for America.  It is a great uplifting movie with a great soundtrack.  It just makes you feel good after watching it.

Directed by: Sylvester Stallone

Notable Performance : Talia Shire as Adrian Balboa




#99.  Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989)

Indiana Jones is on a quest to find the holy grail and he has brought his father along for the ride.  Henry Jones is played to a tee by Sean Connery.  The chemistry that Harrison Ford and Connery have with each other is brilliant.  Really great action sequences and we get more of a feeling about who Indiana really is.  Great cameo by River Phoenix as a young Indiana Jones. 

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Notable Performance:  Sean Connery as Professor Henry Jones

#98.  High Anxiety (1977)

This is one of many Mel Brooks movies on this list.  Probably the most underrated of all his films.   Brooks stars as Dr. Richard  Thorndyke and a psychiatrist who must confront his own problem of “high anxiety”.  He gets framed for murder and must try to clear his name.  A superb homage to Alfred Hitchcock movies.  It also stars the quintessential supporting cast for Mel Brooks, including Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn and Cloris Leachman.

Directed by:  Mel Brooks

Notable Performance:  Cloris Leachman as Nurse Diesel

#97.  The Karate Kid (1984)

The Karate Kid was a staple for any kid that grew up in the 80’s.  I remember going to see this movie a dozen times at the theater.  It was such a great theater movie because the crowd got into it and cheered at the end.  Ralph Macchio stars as Daniel Larusso who has moved to a new town and is getting bullied by these karate school kids.  He then meets Mr. Miyagi, the handyman of his building, and he teaches Daniel the true spirit of karate. 

Directed by:  John G. Avildsen

Notable Performance:  Pat Morita as Mr. Kesuke Miyagi

Top 12 Seinfeld Episodes

Seinfeld is my favorite comedy of all time and these are my Top 12 favorite episodes:


#12.  The Busboy  Season 2 Episode 12

While the gang is out to dinner the table next to them catches on fire and they put it out.  George, innocently enough, tells the manager that the busboy put the menu too close to the candle.  This results in the busboy getting fired.  George, feeling tremendously guilty, goes to the busboy’s house to apologize.  He takes Kramer along with him and they forget to shut his door and his cat runs out.  Meanwhile, Elaine has a boyfriend staying with her for a week and can’t wait for him to leave.  On the morning of his flight, they over sleep and she makes a frantic dash to try to get him packed and to the airport on time.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus is absolutely hilarious in this scene, it pretty much solidified Elaine as a strong a character as the boys.   

Funny Quote:    Elaine:  “I never knew I could drive like that. I was going faster than I’ve ever gone before, and yet, it all seemed to be happening in slow motion. I was seeing three and four moves ahead, weaving in and out of lanes like an Olympic skier on a gold medal run. I knew I was challenging the very laws of physics. At Queens Boulevard, I took the shoulder. At Jewel Avenue, I used the median. I had it. I was there. And then, I hit the Van Wyck. They say no one’s ever beaten the Van Wyck, but gentlemen, I tell you this… I came as close as anyone ever has. And if it hadn’t been for that five-car pile-up on Rockaway Boulevard, that numskull would be on a plane for Seattle right now instead of looking for a parking space downstairs.”



#11.  The Merv Griffin Show  Season 9 Episode 6

Kramer finds Merv Griffin Show sets in a dumpster and takes them home and sets up his apartment to look like the show.  Jerry is seeing a woman who has an old toy collection that Jerry wants to play with.  Elaine is dealing with a “sidler” at work, a man who suddenly appears right by her without her hearing him.  George, with his girlfriend, hits a pigeon while driving and she gets very upset with him.  So the next time they are driving George swerves to miss a pigeon and ends up hitting a squirrel.  They end up taking it to the vet and “doing whatever is possible” to keep the squirrel alive.  These plotlines are a little weak on their own, but when they go to Kramer’s and talk about them on The Merv Griffin Show, it elevates the episode to a new level.  Kramer and Newman are hysterical as the hosts of a show that they are pretending people are actually watching. 

Funny Quote: 

George: “Don’t we have a deal with the pigeons?”
Jerry: Of course we have a deal. They get out-of-the-way of our cars…we look the other way on the statue defecation.



#10.  The Bubble Boy  Season 4  Episode 7

When a father recognizes Jerry in the coffee shop he says that his son is a big fan and could Jerry stop by and see him.  The son, Donald, is stuck in a bubble so Jerry feels bad and says yes.  Coincidently, Jerry and Elaine are following George and Susan to Susan’s cabin for the weekend and the Bubble Boy is on the way.  George drives too fast and loses Jerry, so George and Susan end up at the Bubble Boy’s house waiting for them.  Donald ends up being really obnoxious and plays George in a game of Trivial Pursuit.  A fight ensues after Donald answers a question incorrectly as stated on the card, which is an obvious typo.  George struggles with Donald and in the process punctures the bubble.  Just as they are taking him out on a stretcher, Jerry and Elaine show up.  Kramer and Jerry’s girlfriend end up going to the cabin to surprise the others who are not there yet.  Kramer lights a cigar and leaves it, resulting in Susan’s cabin being ablaze when they finally arrive.

Funny Quote:

Bubble Boy:  “Okay, “History”, this is for the game. How ya doing over there? Not too good!”
George:  “Alright Bubble Boy, let’s just play. Who invaded Spain in the 8th century?”
Bubble Boy: “That’s a joke… The Moors.”
George: “Ohhh no! I’m so sorry it’s the Moops! The correct answer is the Moops.”



#9.  The Soup Nazi   Season 7  Episode 6

The Soup Nazi is probably one of the most iconic characters in the Seinfeld universe.  Based on a real soup restaurant in NYC, the Soup Nazi has very strict rules when ordering, and if you do not follow those rules, “No soup for you!”  Elaine’s B plot is very funny as well, she asks Kramer to watch her armoire outside of her apartment until she can move it in the next day.  Kramer gets taken by two tough gay street thugs who take the armoire right out from under him.  Kramer then ends up getting the Soup Nazi’s armoire and gives it to Elaine, who then finds his secret recipes in the drawers. 

Funny Quote: 

Jerry:  “The guy who runs the place is a little temperamental, especially about the ordering procedure. He’s secretly referred to as the Soup Nazi.”
Elaine: “Why? What happens if you don’t order right?”
Jerry: “He yells and you don’t get your soup.”



#8.  The Contest   Season 4  Episode 11

After George is caught by his mother, alone with a Glamour magazine, the gang makes a bet about who can hold out the longest.  Jerry is having a hard time as he is dating a virgin and there is a naked woman in the apartment across from him.  Kramer can also see the women out his window and he ends up being the first one out of the contest.  Elaine has her own problems as John F. Kennedy Jr. is in her aerobics class and seems interested in her.   Elaine is the second one out.  Jerry and George then tough it out with all their distractions, and the end implies that no one won the contest, but it is referred to in later episodes who actually won.

Funny Quote: 

Estelle:  “I don’t understand you. I really don’t. You have nothing better to do at 3:00 in the afternoon? I go out for a quart of milk; I come home, and find my son treating his body like it was an amusement park!”


#7.  The Junior Mint  Season 4  Episode 20

Jerry is dating a woman that he can’ t remember her name.  Yet, he knows it rhymes with a female body part.  Him and George spend the whole episode trying to guess her name, which results in the most famous guess of “Mulva”.  Elaine goes to visit an old boyfriend, who she had dumped because he was too fat,  in the hospital.  He has now lost weight and Elaine is interested again.  He needs a splenectomy and Jerry and Kramer get to observe the operation.  Kramer tries to give Jerry a Junior Mint and they end up dropping it right into the patient’s body. 

Funny Quote: 

Jerry: “Produce section. Very provocative area. A lot of melons and shapes. Everyone’s squeezing and smelling.”
#6.  The Puffy Shirt   Season 5  Episode 3
Kramer’s new girlfriend is a “low talker” and during a conversation with Jerry, she asks him to wear a puffy shirt during his appearance on the Today show.  He agrees because he couldn’t hear anything she said.  George has to move back in with his parents and while they are all out to dinner George meets a woman who thinks he would be a perfect hand model.  
Funny Quote: 
Kramer: This pirate trend that she’s come up with, Jerry — this is gonna be the new look for the 90’s. You’re gonna be the first pirate!
Jerry: But, I don’t wanna to be a pirate!
#5. The Pez Dispenser  Season 3 Episode 14
George’s new girlfriend has a piano recital and George invites Jerry and Elaine to go with him.  During the concert Jerry puts a Tweety Bird pez dispenser on Elaine’s leg and she couldn’t control her laughter.  She  runs into an old friend outside the concert and he tells her that their friend has a drug problem and he needs Jerry’s help.  So they plan an intervention at Jerry’s which results in George’s girlfriend figuring out that Elaine was the laugher during her performance.  Meanwhile, Kramer is practicing swimming with the Polar Bear Club.
 Funny Quote:
Intervener #1: He’s here! What do we do?
Intervener #2: Hide!
Jerry: It’s not a surprise party!
#4.  The Hamptons  Season 5  Episode 21
The gang is off to the Hamptons to see their friends new baby.  Jerry and George are both bringing girls with them and when George leaves everyone sees his girlfriend topless except him.  George, now very upset that Jerry has seen her half-naked, tries to catch Jerry’s girlfriend as she is changing.  Jerry then sends her to George’s room when he is changing and she sees him naked.  George is now very worried about his “shrinkage” because he was just in the pool.  The conversation between Jerry, George and Elaine about men’s shrinkage is one of the funniest of the series.  Elaine is then infatuated with the baby’s doctor who calls her breathtaking, and then calls the ugly baby breathtaking.
Funny Quote: 
Jerry: Do women know about shrinkage?
Elaine: What do you mean like laundry?
Jerry: No, like when a man goes swimming afterwards.
Elaine: It shrinks?
Jerry: Like a frightened turtle!
Elaine: Why does it shrink?
George: It just does.
#3. The Rye  Season 7  Episode 11
George and his parents are going have dinner with Susan and her parents.  The Costanza’s bring a marble rye bread and since Susan’s parents never put it out, they took it back home with them.  George is appalled and wants to somehow get the rye back in the apartment.  They set up a date for Mr and Mrs Ross’s anniversary to have Kramer take them on a handsome cab ride.  Kramer, who is now buying huge items at the price club, feeds the horse beef-a-reno and while on the ride, the horse has some digestive problems.  Jerry is in charge of getting another rye from the bakery and a little old lady buys the last one.  He pleads to her and offers her $50 for it, but she won’t budge.  He ends up stealing it from her on the street and runs off with it. H tries to throw it up to George in the apartment window but can’t, finally George uses a fishing pole to  pull it up and when he gets it in the window Susan and her parents are standing there watching him.  Elaine, on the other hand, has her own problems with her saxophonist boyfriend who won’t do everything.
Funny Quote:
Kramer: One can never be too certain about the gastrointestinal workings of the equine.
#2. The Chinese Restaurant  Season 2  Episode 6
This is one episode that epitomizes Seinfeld.  They make a whole episode of television about Jerry, Elaine and George waiting for a table at a chinese restaurant before they go to the movies.  They do nothing else but wait at the restaurant.  The dialog is very real and very funny.  Jerry offers Elaine money to go an eat an egg roll off another person’s plate.  George is trying to get on the pay phone to tell his girlfriend where he is.  There is no big storyline, it is just showing twenty-two minutes out of these people’s lives.  The only reason that this episode isn’t number one is because it doesn’t feature Kramer, and even though it is a classic episode, number one needs to showcase all four cast members.
Funny Quote:
George: Yes, I’m expecting a call for Costanza.
Bruce: Yes, someone call. I say “Cartwright! Cartwright!” but no one come and I hang up.
After the restaurant owner makes George miss Tatiana’s phone call.)
George: She called. He yelled ‘Cartwright’. I missed her.
Jerry: Who’s Cartwright?
George: (pause)…I’m Cartwright.
Jerry: You’re not Cartwright.
#1.  The Pick  Season 4  Episode 13
The Pick is an episode that all four main characters shine.  Jerry is dating a Calvin Klein model and she catches him possibly picking his nose and she dumps him.  Kramer, who in a previous episode, developed a cologne called the Beach (now called the Ocean) and tried to pitch it to Calvin Klein.  When Kramer comes over to Jerry’s apartment he smell it on his girlfriend and has a fit that they used his idea.  He goes to Calvin Klein to complain and he ends up being an underwear model for him.  George is having problems with Susan so he goes to a therapist and his zipper on his jacket gets stuck.  They both become obsessed with getting it unstuck.  Elaine thinks she wants to send a Christmas card with her picture on it, so Kramer takes the picture and she sends them out.  Once they get out people are noticing that her nipple is showing in the picture.  She is humiliated that she sent them to everyone she knows and the people at work start calling her “Nip”. I love a lot of Seinfeld episodes, but this one is my favorite because each storyline is hilarious and the actors are all on the top of their game here.
Funny Quote: 
George: “Hey! How come I didn’t get a Christmas card? Everybody else got one. Jerry got one, Kramer got one. I thought we were good friends. I don’t get a Christmas card. I don’t get it.”
Elaine: “You want a Christmas card? You want a Christmas card? All right here. (rubs George’s head on her breasts) Here’s your Christmas card.”

Top 12 Parks and Recreation Episodes (So Far)

One of the funniest comedies in the last few years, Parks and Recreation has a bunch of great episodes, here are my top 12 favorite so far:

#12.  The Camel   Season 2 Episode 9

When a mural is defaced because of its racial undertones, each department comes up with a new proposal for a new mural.  Each member of the parks department has their own crazy idea of what the mural should be.  The highlight is Jerry who starts off by saying “murnial”, and of course the rest of them razz him about saying that.  The subplot which involves Andy and Ron and an uncomfortable moan is really hilarious. 



Funny Quote:   Ron Swanson: “I got my first job when I was 9. Worked at a sheet metal factory. In two weeks, I was running the floor. Child labor laws are ruining this country.”


 #11.  Rock Show  Season 1 Episode 6

This is the only Season 1 episode on my list.  The season finale really set up the comedy that was to come in Season 2.  Leslie’s on a date with a much older man who was set up by her mother.  She ends up bringing the 60-something to Andy’s Rock Show.  Andy has just gotten his casts off, yet Ann has discovered he could have had them off a long time ago.  Season One really tried to find itself and finally did with this episode.


Funny Quote :  Andy to Ann explaining why he didn’t get his casts off earlier : “I really, really like it when you serve me food.”


#10.  Woman of the Year   Season 2 Episode 17

Leslie thinks she is Pawnee’s woman of the year, much to her dismay it is Ron who wins the award.  Leslie spends the whole episode trying to justify why they would give it to Ron, a man,  instead of her.  Ron has a lot of fun messing with Leslie about winning, but eventually he comes clean and presents the award to Leslie when he receives it.  Meanwhile, Tom is trying to find someone to help him invest in the Snakehole Lounge. 

Funny Quote:  Tom:  “All I want in life is to own a nightclub on every continent, have my own line of upscale sweat-suits and cologne called Tommy Fresh and I fell a thousand dollars short.”
#9.  Park Safety  Season 2  Episode 19
 Jerry says he was mugged in the park filling up hummingbird feeders, so Leslie makes sure the security is up to snuff.  Loud talking Park Ranger Carl, played by Andy Samberg, helps Leslie figure out what happened to Jerry.  Ron tries to teach the rest of the gang self-defense which ends with Andy getting hurt and April and Ann trying to take care of him. 
Funny Quote:  Ron:   “A schlemiel is the guy who spills soup at a fancy party. A schlamazel is the guy he spills it on. Jerry is both the schlemiel and the schlamazel of our office.”

#8.  Flu Season  Season 3  Episode 2

Leslie and Ben are going to present a proposal for the town’s businesses to participate in the Harvest Festival, but Leslie gets sick.  April, who was the first to get sick, is in the hospital torturing her nurse, Ann.  Chris also gets sick which results in some of the funniest scenes in this episode.  Chris’s body is like a “microchip” so being sick really freaks him out.  The best moment is him looking in the mirror, telling himself  “stop pooping!”  Leslie steals everyone’s flu medicine to make it to the presentation and gives a wonderful speech.  Afterwards, it shows why Amy Poehler is so great, she is awesome as Leslie, somewhat high, sick and confused all at the same time. 

Funny Quote:   

Leslie: “If I was sick, could I do this?”
Ann: “What are you doing?”
Leslie: “Cartwheels. Am I not doing them?”
Ann: “No.”

#7.  Ron & Tammy  Season 2 Episode 8

The pit is now filled in and the library has made a bid for it.  We learn that the library is the absolute worst place ever.  Luckily Ron’s ex-wife Tammy works there and Leslie thinks he can get her to back down.  Except Tammy has a strong hold on Ron, and he is powerless over her.  Andy has a new job, the shoeshiner in the office building.



Funny Quote:

Ron: “Every time she laughs, an angel dies. Even telemarketers avoid her. Her birth was payback for the sins of man. But you know the worst thing about her?”
Leslie: “She works for the library.”
Ron: “She works for the library.”



#6.  Greg Pikitis  Season 2 Episode 7

Greg Pikitis is a local high school kid who Leslie thinks is the one who vandalizes all of Pawnee every Halloween.  Leslie is determined to prove it is Greg and gets her cop boyfriend to help her along the way.  Greg even gets a woman to pose as his mother to throw Leslie off.   Meanwhile, Ann is throwing the lamest Halloween party ever until Tom shows up and rocks the house.


Funny Quote:

April: “I passed up a gay Halloween party to be here. Do you know how much fun gay Halloween parties are? Last year I saw three Jonas brothers make out with three Robert Pattinsons. It was amazing.”



#5.  Lil’ Sebastian  Season 3  Episode 16

Lil’ Sebastian has died and the town of Pawnee is in mourning.  A huge memorial service is planned for the little horse.  The season 3 finale leaves us with a couple cliffhangers.  One being Leslie has been asked to possibly run for public office, even though she is secretly having a relationship with Ben.  Ron, who’s eyebrows were singed off after lighting a torch at the memorial, runs into both his ex-wives Tammy, one of which we haven’t met yet.  A great highlight is Andy’s song he sings for Lil’ Sebastian, it is both hilarious and touching.

Funny Quote: 

Jean-Ralphio:  “I hope you brought a change of clothes because your eyes are about to piss tears.”



#4.  Pawnee Zoo  Season 2  Episode 1

Leslie does a harmless cute publicity stunt at the zoo by marrying two penguins.  Everything went well until the zookeeper points out that they are two male penguins.  Leslie then becomes a hero to the gay community and a conservative wants her to resign.  Leslie spends a fun-filled night at a gay bar and loves the attention that they are giving her.  She then must then go on Pawnee Today the next day and defend herself. 

Funny Quote: 

Marcia: “When you symbolically married those penguins on government property you took a stand in favor of the gay marriage agenda.”
Leslie: “That’s not what I intended.”
Marcia: “Then why else would you marry penguins?”
Leslie: “Because I firmly believed that it would be cute. And it was.”
#3.  Eagleton  Season 3  Episode 12
 The snobs of the neighboring town of Eagleton have put up a fence between their park and Pawnee’s dirt lot.  Leslie tries to reason with them to take the fence down, but that means talking to her former best friend Lindsay who is the head of the Eagleton Parks Department.  Lindsay is played to a tee by Parker Posey.  Her fight with Leslie is so hysterical and it lands Leslie in Eagleton Jail.  Ann comes to bail her out and it is a great episode to showcase their friendship.  The subplot is really great as well, it will be Ron’s birthday and everyone is messing with him to make him think that Leslie is going to throw some big party for him, which he doesn’t want.  In the end Leslie gives him exactly what he would want for his birthday, and it becomes a really great moment between her and Ron.


Funny Quote:  Ron: “Leslie has a lot of qualities I find horrifying. But the worst one by far is how thoughtful she can be.”

#2.  Telethon  Season 2  Episode 22


Leslie is hosting a diabetes telethon from 2-6 am on the local access channel.  She enlists everyone in the department to help entertain and answer phones.  Their big name is Detlef Schrempf, but Tom is in charge of getting him to the telethon on time and they get held up at the Snakehole lounge.  So while they are waiting for Detlef to get there Jerry plays the piano, Ron canes a chair, Andy’s band Mouse Rat performs and Leslie talks Mark into proposing to Ann and then tries to stop it after Ann doesn’t seem interested in him anymore.

Funny Quote: 

Tom:  “I can’t make it to the telethon tonight because I have no interest in being there.”
#1.  Practice Date  Season 2  Episode 3
Practice Date is one of my favorite episodes of television.  No show, in a long time, has made me laugh as hard as this one has.   Leslie is nervous about her first date with policeman Dave, so Ann is going to help her with a practice date.  Amy Poehler is a comic genius in this episode and her improv of that practice date is hilarious.  When she riffs on all the crazy things that have happened on her previous dates, it is priceless.  Rashida Jones is also great as the “mean” date that Leslie must endure to be prepared for anything to happen.  Leslie then gets drunk and goes to Dave’s house the night before the actual date and embarrasses herself.  Dave is willing to give her a second date, counting that as their first date, so now the pressure is off.  In the office, everyone is having a contest of who can dig up the most dirt on the other one.  There are some really great moments in this especially the introduction of Duke Silver.  I can’t say enough about this episode, I absolutely love it!
Funny Quote: 

Leslie: “What if he shows up with another woman? What if one of my sleeves catches on fire and it spreads rapidly. What if instead of tic tacs I accidentally pop a couple of Ambien and I have to keep punching my leg to stay awake?”
Ann: “Those are all insane hypotheticals and I promise you they won’t happen.”
Leslie: “They have happened. All of these have happened to me.”