Lost Top 12 Episodes

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This is a Blog about lists of top 12 favorites of anything in pop culture.  I picked 12 because I think that there is always 2 alternatives you wish could be on your top 10  list.

So..  for our very first list we have……

My Top 12 Favorite Lost Episodes

Now that lost is over I have put together my favorite episodes over the past 6 seasons.


#12. LaFleur (Season 5, Episode 8 )                    LaFleur was an episode that really made me fall in love with Lost.  It was an episode that made me think, what are other people saying about this mind bending show?  That is when I was introduced to podcasts and the online community.  I am so thankful that I found them because it made the last season and a half of Lost so much better!  Just a great Sawyer episode, the one we have been waiting for all this time, Sawyer is a leader, a lover and a thinker.


#11.  The Man Behind the Curtain (Season 3, Episode 20)

There is so much in this episode that is takes 2 or 3 viewings to actually get it all.  Unfortunately, there is a lot that doesn’t get answered or really doesn’t mean anything.   It is a great view of Ben’s time on the island and has so many great scenes in it.   We see the purge, that was barely ever mentioned again, and we see Jacob’s cabin for the first time.  This episode brought so many theories to the table, who or what was Jacob, who was Annie,  what was the volano all about?  In the end, most all the theories that centered around this episode went up in smoke, that is why I have rated this greatly entertaining episode so high on the list.


#10. The End (Season 6, Episode 17) This episode is probably the most talked about in Lost.  When you think of that it makes it pretty special.  Very controversial, it has made the greatest Lost lovers question why they have watched this show religiously, pun intended, for six years.  As for me, I loved it. It was a beautiful end of a masterpiece, it made me cry, laugh, gasp and want more when it was over, which Lost has always done.  Whether you liked it or not, you can not take away the fact it had some of the most epic and touching scenes in the whole series.


#9.  Exodus Parts 1 &2 (Season 1, Episodes 23 & 24)

Exodus was the season finale of  season 1 and it needed to captivate the audience and bring us back next season, and it did!  The cliffhanger  of Locke and Jack staring down the hatch was so subtle, but yet so mysterious, and so the theories began…  What could possibly be down in there?  The raft launch was another great story and even though we really didn’t want them to find rescue, we didn’ t want the creepy others to take Walt either. 


#8.  Man of Science, Man of Faith (Season 2, Episode 1)

The most watched episode of Lost.  Everyone tuned in to see what was in that Hatch.  Desmond?  A man was living down there, with modern technology?  One of the greatest opening sequences of the series is Desmond in his morning routine, all to “Make your own kind of Music”.  A brilliantly acted and written episode.  Definitely made us want more Desmond!


#7. Live Together, Die Alone (Season 2, Episode 23 & 24)

On the trek across the island to the others, our Losties get caught by none other than our friend Henry Gale, aka Ben Linus.  Our first glimpse of Ben in evil mode.  Desmond tries to save the world by turning the fail safe key in the Swan, much to Locke’s dismay.  It is a great adventure episode with a lot of twists and turns.  Who is right and who is wrong is a strong theme throughout the episode.


#6 The Incident Parts 1 &2 (Season 5, Episodes 16 & 17)

The season finale of season five had us wondering for eight months where the story was going?  It was the best time of the series for theories and talk.  The end of the episode had Juliet detonating a hydrogen bomb in 1977 to change the future and never have them crash on the island.  It also introduced Jacob and The Man in Black at the beginning at the episode and by the end Jacob is dead and MIB is someone we know and love.  It twisted our minds and made us crazy until the start of season 6.


#5 Walkabout (Season 1, Episode 4)                             

This episode set the precedent for Lost for the next six years.  It was the first real “what the???” moment.  The first John Locke centric episode and it shows us the reason he was on Flight 815 and is a believer in the island.




#4 The Constant (Season 4, Episode 5)            In a season full of flash forwards and Oceanic 6 stories, this was a refreshing episode that totally blew us away. A Desmond centric episode that is an amazing story within itself.  Desmond is trying to connect with Penny in the future while his mind is traveling in the past.  The phone call at the end will literally rip your heart out.  This solidified Des and Pen as the couple we wanted to root for.


#3 No Place Like Home Parts 1, 2 & 3 (Season 4, Episodes 12,13 &14)                                      

This “mini-movie” is 3 hours of pure Lost.  If you had to tell someone to watch only one episode of Lost to sum up the whole series it would have to be this one.  It had the Oceanic 6 story, it had the island disappearing, the freighter explosion, a look inside the Orchid, and the reveal of who is in the coffin, that we agonized over all year.



#2. Through the Looking Glass (Season 3, Episode 22)This episode, I believe, changed the way we watched Lost forever.  It had the shocker of all shockers at the end..  That final scene was a wake up call for Lost fans, we need to be thinking about this show in a whole new way. Another brilliant move was to kill off a character so beloved by fans, to progress the story in a way that it needed to.  I love the end of this episode so much.  Charlie’s death sequence is heartbreaking but wonderful.. The flash-forward ending is the biggest -I didn’t see it coming- in the series, and that is quite a feat.


#1 The Pilot Parts 1 & 2 (Season 1, Episode 1)

Arguably, the best pilot ever made.  The first 15 minutes are absolutely riveting.  After only 2 hours we are so invested in these characters and can’t wait until we find out more about them.  This episode also very brilliantly showcases the “main” character of the story (the island) and that is what intrigued us the most.


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