Top 12 Reasons I Love the Grey’s Anatomy Episode “Song Beneath the Song”

I absolutely love the episode “Song Beneath the Song”, so much that I had to do a separate post just on reasons why it was so great.


#12.  Kevin McKidd 

When Dr. Owen Hunt bursts into song as he wheels Callie down the hall I was as astonished as she was.  Callie is freaking out as she imagines Owen singing “Chasing Cars” as he is working on her, but we could just sit back and enjoy the ride.  An amazing voice that we luckily get to hear several more times throughout the hour.



#11.  Chyler Leigh

 Another surprising voice of the Seattle Grace doctors.  Her rendition of “Breathe” was both beautiful and heartbreaking. It definitely made us yearn for a Mark/Lexi reunion.  The chemistry between Sloan and Little Grey is still there, so that gives us hope for this great couple.



#10.  “Running on Sunshine” Sequence 

 This song was a well needed breather in the middle of an episode full of emotions.  It was fun and playful and it seemed like the song was written for the cast to sing. Highlights include Callie’s realization that Arizona is going to ask her to marry her, sexy nurse Eli embarrassing Dr. Bailey with his singing and dancing and Justin Chambers steamy vocals to Dr. Fields with the best line “Something tells me your name is Lucy”.  The gem in this arrangement, though, is Teddy and Henry.  Scott Foley stepping up with some great pipes as he sings to Teddy, “ooh I got this rocket in my front left pocket, ready to explode like a bomb.”


 #9.  Dr. Arizona Robbins

The reason that I put Arizona here, and not the brilliant Jessica Capshaw, was because I thought this was a huge episode for Dr. Robbins in terms of her character.  We have seen Arizona be very reluctant to commitments and to babies.  In the last couple episodes she had come to terms with raising Mark’s baby with Callie, but still not feeling quite in place.   During the shooting last season, she crumbled when the shooter came in the hospital room with her and the kids, Callie stepped up and protected them.  Now without Callie to lean on, Arizona has found her own strength, even when Mark tells her she is nothing to this baby.  Watching them fight the whole episode was hard to watch, but Arizona didn’t let it get to her and in the end Mark needs her to save “their” baby.  It’s been only a few months since Arizona bailed on Callie, now we see her as a strong woman fighting for her place in a situation that she had no control over, but she is doing it all for her love of Callie.


#8.  The Return of Addison Montgomery

 I was always a fan of Addison and Callie’s friendship.  So, I was so excited to see her get off that chopper.  The high point of her visit was telling off the incompetent Dr. Fields and telling her to just go.  I don’t know about you, but I knew Callie and the baby were going to be ok after Addison says to her, “Don’t you worry,we got this.”



#7.  Waiting for Callie’s Ambulance


One of the things that I love about Grey’s is that we get to see different surgeons working together each episode.  It is fun to see the chemistry that the characters have with each other.  Yet, once in a great while we get to see all the doctors working together and it’s awesome! It is especially moving when they are working on one of their own.  To see each and every surgeon lined up outside waiting for that ambulance was one of the most touching images in this episode.


#6.  Cristina’s Brilliance


If I was to pick one surgeon to have working on me, it would be Cristina Yang.  Seeing her concentrating over the scans, you just knew she was going to come up with something.  Then at the end of the “Wait” sequence, when Yang, with her eyes closed, opens them and says “Wait!”  I was cheering!!  Dr. Altman was against her methods but in the end her methods saved Callie and the baby. 


#5.  Shonda Rhimes’s Script

If you think about how you would go about writing an episode like this, it would be impossible to get every element right.  You are walking a fine line between being a really horrible joke to being absolutely brilliant.   Luckily Shonda falls in the latter.  She hit every point, spot on.  The music was outstanding, to showcase these songs that have been such an important part of the show was a stroke of genius.  Music on Grey’s is practically another character, so it made sense to do this type of episode.  To be able to weave those songs into a story with such heart and soul, and include the whole cast, is a gift, and we as viewers really appreciate that!


#4.  “Chasing Cars” Sequence

 When Torres first sings, “We’ll do it all,everything” my eyes already started tearing up.  I couldn’t believe that they were going to do this song that means so much to this show.  Grey’s made the band Snow Patrol and their song Chasing Cars hugely popular after it was featured in the season 2 finale.  This song set the tone for the show, which was that this is going to be monumental and very personal to Grey’s fans.  Highlights include Hunt bursting out into song as Torres is scared out of her mind as they are rushing her into surgery.   Bailey’s serenade is really beautiful and when a terrified Callie reaches out with her, Bailey comforts her by taking her shaken hand and relaxing her. 


 #3.  Meredith’s Breakdown 


I think that this is such an important scene in this episode.  We really didn’t get to see a lot of raw emotion from anyone else besides Mark and Arizona.  So Meredith’s collapse in the elevator with Derek is very natural and makes sense.  She isn’t as close to Callie as some of the other characters, but her need for a baby had clouded her judgement and realizes that even though she was jealous of Callie being pregnant, no one has guaranteed happiness.  Anything can happen.  Ellen Pompeo played one of her best scenes in the whole entire show in that elevator.   The most poignant line is when she fights back tears and says, “The universe says screw you Meredith and gives Callie a kid, and then puts Callie through a windshield.  I mean what the hell is going on?”  Derek then comforts her by promising they will have a baby, somehow.


 #2.  “How to Save a Life” Sequence


 I honestly didn’t think that they could top Chasing Cars as a song defining Grey’s Anatomy.  I had forgotten about “How to Save a Life”.  When that song first was featured on Grey’s in season 2 it became synonymous with the show.  There is so much going on in this four-minute scene.  As Callie is fighting for her life Yang steps in against Altman’s wishes to perform a risky surgery to try to save her and the baby.  Addison removes the premature baby and the doctors are trying to get the baby’s heartbeat going.  Mark and Arizona can only watch in horror.   Every surgeon is in that room and each verse of the song is sung by a different character with the chorus being sung by all of them as they are working on Torres.  The lyrics are haunting and appropriate which makes it work so well.  The best moment is Mark and Arizona running in the OR and the superb acting they do only with their eyes.  Sloan nods to Arizona that she needs to step in and save this baby, and in those moments they come together as a family trying to save their daughter.  This sequence is perfection.


#1.  Sara Ramirez


The number one reason why this episode is so great is because of one Sara Ramirez.  She is absolutely stunning in this episode.   She shines from start to finish and her voice is pure magic.  She is really playing two roles, one of a frightened accident victim worried about herself and her baby living through this.  Another is an “out-of-body” Callie, watching her friends suffer as they try like hell to save her.   Both roles come together throughout the show and the songs she sings tells her journey that is going on in her head.  The very emotional climax of the episode is Callie singing “The Story” to herself in the hospital bed.  It is a very intense and emotional song and when Callie reaches down and grabs her own legs to make herself wake up, it jolts something in us too.  To be the star of this episode and only have one actual line, is astounding.  Hearing her say “Yes, I’ll marry you”  made us as happy as it made Arizona.  Our Callie is back.



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