Top 12 Grey’s Anatomy Episodes (So far)

 These are my Top 12 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy so far, I am hoping that the last few episodes of Season 7 will be worthy of a revision at some point.  For now here are my favorites:


 #12. I Saw What I Saw (6.6)

  This episode was set up like a murder mystery, with the Chief trying to figure out who made a crucial mistake that resulted in a woman’s death in the midst of a crazy ER.  Everyone is retracing their actions and things are very tense because someone will lose their job.  Just a very well done episode. 





#11. 17 Seconds (2.25)

This is the build up to the huge season finale that is “Losing my Religion”(see #3).  It is the set up that puts Izzie in a desperate state to do anything for Denny.  She ends up cutting his LVAD wire which will stop his heart and get him the transplant he needs.  Burke is then shot at the end of the episode, after fighting for Denny’s heart at Mercy West.   




  #10 Elevator Love Letter (5.19)

 A great relationship episode.  Alex talking about the future with Izzie.  Owen and Christina finally hook up only to break up by the end.  Derek proposing to Meredith in the elevator which is plastered with scans of all the surgeries they did together, how romantic. 





 #9. Crash Into Me Parts 1 & 2(4.9/4.10) 

Chandra Wilson shines in the episode as she is conflicted on treating a white supremacist.  Definitely Emmy worthy, she is at the top of her game this season.  Meanwhile Lexie is dealing with a patient with a crush on her, but when his neck wound explodes blood all over her, she panics.  The major storyline in the episode is the ambulance crash right in front of the hospital.   Meredith struggles with 2 ambulance drivers pinned inside the vehicle.  One isn’t going to make it because if they move him he will bleed out.  His wife then comes to say good-bye in a really touching scene.  This is just a really solid episode and has really great character development. 



#8. Some Kind of Miracle (3.17)

 This episode ends a three-part arc that started with Meredith almost drowning at the scene of a ferryboat accident.  Meredith then “passes over” and sees familiar faces from her past (i.e. Denny, Dylan Young and her dog).  It shows the struggle that Meredith has had with her mother not believing in her.  Derek’s emotional confrontation with Ellis Grey secures his role as the love of Meredith’s life.  This is one of Patrick Dempsey’s  finest hours.



#7. A Hard Day’s Night (1.1)

 The pilot episode aired March 27, 2005.  It was a mid-season replacement and it took off like wild-fire.  After 7 seasons it is hotter than ever and it all started here.  The first episode introduces us to the new surgical interns of Seattle Grace.  We were captivated by their stories instantly.  Shonda Rhimes created characters that were easy to love and understand.  The mix of humor along with the drama of serious tragedies makes for an exciting hour every Thursday night, hopefully for a long time to come.

#6.  What a Difference a Day Makes (5.22)


The perfect wedding that Izzie helped Meredith plan,  becomes a dream come true, as Meredith and Derek give it to her and Alex.  A great episode for Alex as it shows his vulnerability as he says his vows to a (possibly) dying Izzie.  Grey’s 100th episode delivers on all levels.




#5. It’s the End of the World / As we Know it  (2.16/2.17)

 One of the best episodes as far as drama goes.  A man comes in with a bomb embedded in his chest that could go off anytime.  Meanwhile Bailey goes into labor at the same time her husband gets into a car accident.  Meredith ends up with her hand on the bomb, and it eventually detonates almost killing her.  There were great guest stars Kyle Chandler and Christina Ricci.  The scene where Cristina and Izzie wash blood off of Meredith, who is in shock, is unbelievably touching



#4. Now or Never (5.23)

 Grey’s delivers another exceptional season finale.  Meredith and Derek get married in their own way, on a Post It.  Alex struggles with Izzie as she can’t remember things, and falls unconscious.  He tries to save her even though she signed a DNR.  A great send off for George, as he was being way underused.  Meredith’s discovery of the bus crash victim being George was one of the best moments in the history of the show.  The final scene of Izzie in her prom dress and George in his Army uniform in the elevator was a beautiful, who will die, ending.




#3 Losing my Religion (2.27)

   At the time when this episode aired, it was the biggest thing on television.   You probably knew the story between Denny and Izzie even if you didn’t watch the show.  It was a heartfelt ending with Izzie’s friends trying to comfort her after Denny passes.  It was Katherine Heigl’s finest moment of the time she was on the show.  The Derek-Meredith-Finn love triangle was left as a cliffhanger, not without Der-Mer hooking up before hand.  




#2.  Song Beneath the Song (7.18)

I was totally blown away by this collaboration.  I loved it so much I already did a Top 12 on how great it was.  The Grey’s Anatomy Music Event set around Callie’s car accident was phenomenal.  Sara Ramirez was a star, the cast were surprisingly great singers and emotions were all over the place.  It was perfect, pitch perfect.








#1.  Sanctuary/Death and All His Friends (6.23/6.24)

I would have paid money to see this 2 part episode at the box office.  It was that good.  From the first minute to the last I was mesmerized.  I had kind of lost interest in Grey’s after the Dead Denny storyline, but I still followed it and enjoyed some episodes here and there, but this was the one that brought me back.  Twists and turns and action and suspense, this episode had it all and mostly had me on the edge of my seat.  I dare to say that this season finale would be in my top 12 television episodes of all time.  It was that good.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Beth on March 5, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Well done, the bomb episode was number one IMO with Denny dying as number 2… them all.


  2. Posted by Cyn on February 11, 2013 at 4:38 am

    season 6’s finale was EPIC!!! TOTALLY AGREE


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