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Top 12 Favorite Season Finales of 2012

These are my top 12 favorite television finales or events that have happened in 2012.  May is such a great time to be a television watcher. This year was capped off with some emotional endings and a few sad goodbyes.

#12.  Dancing With The Stars  (Season 14 “Season Finale”)

This season had some of the most talented celebrity dancers ever.  Katherine Jenkins, an opera singer from Wales, came right out of the gate on week one and wowed everyone.  She continued all the way to the end until losing to Green Bay Packer, Donald Driver.  Donald gave every dance all that he had each week, and it was a well deserved win.  It  just happens that there were 2 other dancers just as good, Jenkins and Latin heart-throb William Levy.  If anything, it made for a fantastic finale with the lowest score being 59 out of 60.


#11.  Modern Family (Season 3 Episode 24 “Baby on Board”)

The critical sweetheart was a bit hit and miss this season.  They had some really funny episodes (Aunt Mommy) and some real duds too (Tableau Vivant), but the season finale did everything right.  What Modern Family does so great is that it mixes the humor in with heartfelt moments throughout this complex family.  The scenes between Jay and Lily are absolutely wonderful.  Cam and Mitchell losing yet another adoption in some sort of odd Spanish soap opera world, is both hilarious and touching.   And Gloria is pregnant?  What?  Oh boy, can’t wait until Mitchell and Claire find out they will have a new brother or sister.


#10.  Once Upon A Time (Season 1  Episode 22 “A Land Without Magic”)

Once Upon A Time turned out to be a very fun,Disneyesque show.  The main premise of the new series is that there is a curse on the town of Storybrooke, and none of the townspeople know they are actually story book characters.  It has made for a very interesting story but at the end of the season finale, the curse is broken??  The characters are “waking up”  and realizing who they are.  Extremely ambitious of the brand new series do this so early in its development.  It was sweet that the curse was broken from Emma kissing her son Henry’s head.  Of course, I am sure that everything isn’t going to end happily ever after, since when we last saw Regina/Evil Queen, a purple cloud of smoke was enveloping the town.


#9.  Smash (Season 1  Episode 15 “Bombshell”)

This is the second freshman series finale on my list.  Smash started out very strong when it debuted in early February.  In only 15 episodes it has managed to create very well-defined characters and an intoxicating world surrounding the tumultuous life of a Broadway show. Based on the life of Marilyn Monroe, we have watched our two leading ladies battle all season for the coveted lead role.  The director picks Karen in the end, who he has envisioned all along, and she nails the final number as we last see her.  On the flip side Ivy, who lost the role, is on a downward spiral, much like Marilyn, and she is now contemplating suicide. Other highlights include producers, Tom and Julia, trying to fix the ending that didn’t work and slimy assistant Ellis finally getting fired.

#8. Glee (Season 3 Episode  22 “Goodbye”)

The guilty pleasure known as Glee, delivered a very poignant ending for the seniors at McKinley High.  After finally winning Nationals, the glee club was on a high coming back to school and then realized that this was it for them as a group.  The student’s melodies were all about saying goodbye, to each other, to the glee club, and to their life as they knew it.  This episode really showcased the gem that has elevated Glee to different level, Lea Michele.  Much like her character Rachel, she has a star quality that is above the rest.  Her vocals are unbelievable and her acting is so spot on that sometimes you feel she should be doing something so much better.  The final scene where Finn tells her she is going to New York, is brilliantly played by Michele.  If she does not return next season I do believe Glee will suffer, but hopefully we will get a little of Rachael’s adventures in NYC.


#7. Survivor: One World (Season 24 Episode 14 “Perception Is Not Always Reality)

Survivor is finally dominated by a woman and it was satisfying to see Kim Spradlin’s journey from start to finish.  Rarely has a woman ever been so strong strategically and physically.  It was the Kim show and the rest of them were just there for the ride. Not a terribly entertaining season, nonetheless, it is nice to root for a clear winner, and have them actually triumph in the end.



#6.  The Good Wife (Season 3 Episode 22 “The Dream Team”)

It was another solid finale for the classiest show on television.  The title of the episode could be referring to the duo of Louis Canning (Michael J Fox) and Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton).  They are trying to take down Lockhart/Gardner and don’t care who goes down with it.  Of course, the dream team could also be Alicia and Peter who are just trying to do right by their kids.  Peter who is now living in their old home with the kids, and we leave Alicia standing outside debating whether or not to go back in and have dinner with them. Yet, I like to think that the Dream Team is Kalinda and Alicia.  It took a long time for Alicia to come around to Kalinda and we are all better for it.  Kalinda, who doesn’t care about anyones feelings, really cares for Alicia, and she was much weaker without her support.  Now that Alicia is back on her side, they can both fight this mysterious husband that is bound to stir up trouble. 


#5.  Desperate Housewives (Season 8 Episode 22 & 23 “Give Me The Blame” & “Finishing The Hat”)

After eight years the ladies of Wisteria Lane say goodbye.  In an emotional two-hour finale, we laughed, cried and smiled all the way through, and in typical fashion, gasped at the end of the episode.  Housewives, for me, was that show each week that was just consistently good.  It was always fun and it had a unique tone to it, that many others have tried to recreate, but couldn’t.  The four main women, were so incredible in these roles and they all needed to be there to make the show work.  Many neighbors came and went, but those four remained true to the story for eight years.  It is sad to think that none of them live on Wisteria Lane anymore, but our imaginations can run wild knowing there are still mysterious doings happening there.


#4.  Fringe (Season 4 Episode 22 “Brave New World: Part 2”)

Fringe is my favorite show that no one is watching.  One of the most creative shows on television, this season was no exception.  The finale was built almost as a series finale, as there was a possibility that it wouldn’t get a fifth season.  Luckily there will be a final season and we will get a proper end to a complex, intriguing story.  As far as season finales go, this was one of the best.  It had all the elements that you could want, a pregnancy reveal, two main characters shot and brought back to life and, of course, a surprise cameo.  In this case it was Leonard Nimoy back as William Bell.  Fringe has turned a sharp corner in its storytelling and it isn’t looking back, the final season has a lot to live up to and “Brave New World” has set it up very nicely.


#3.  Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8 Episode 24  “Flight”)

If there is one thing you can count on in May, it’s that the Grey’s Anatomy finale will ROCK! Any other show would have had “Migration” as the finale.  All the doctors board the plane and we cut to the plane crash…the end, see you in September.  Not Grey’s, they gave us the struggle before leaving us dangling for dear life.  They also gave us the teaser that one of the doctors was going to die, so you kept hoping your favorite was going to make it.   Unfortunately, it was Lexie, with a few others not looking so good.  Keeping the rest of Seattle Grace in the dark about the crash was a bit frustrating for us as viewers, but that will hopefully start Season 9 off with a bang.  Sandra Oh, after this years performance, and especially this episode, deserves an Emmy more than ever, please give her one!!


#2.  Saturday Night Live (Season 37  Episode 22  “Mick Jagger”)

This was almost my number one pick, the reason I made it number two was that as a whole episode, I didn’t think it was worthy for the top spot.  It had some really great moments and cameos throughout,  including Jon Hamm and Steve Martin, but it was Kristen Wiig’s farewell that stole the show.  It was the last sketch and it concluded with a graduation ceremony with Kristen being serenaded to by Mick Jagger and Arcade Fire to “She’s Like a Rainbow.”  It started out really cute as all the cast members took a turn to dance with Wiig, then you could start to feel the emotion coming out of her as she was trying to hold back her tears.  Even Lorne Michaels came out, which is a testament to how important she is to the cast. The lyrics are perfectly suited for her, “She comes in colors everywhere”  as the many characters on SNL that she has given us for seven years.   The show comes to a close as the whole cast plus the guest stars and some alumni (Amy Poehler, Chris Parnell and Chris Kattan) sing “Ruby Tuesday” and most importantly the line, “Still we’re gonna miss you.”

#1. Parks and Recreation (Season 4 Episode 22  “Win, Lose or Draw”)

It was the climax that we have all been waiting for, the results of Leslie’s election in which the whole season has been based on.  I had mixed feelings on whether I wanted Leslie to win or not, and I think that is what the writers wanted us to feel.  I think it probably represented a lot of the characters as well.  As we obviously wanted Leslie to triumph, things are going to change in the Parks Department, and are we ready for that?  Well, after a recount Leslie did win and things are going to change. Leslie is now on the city council, Ben is off to D.C. to work on a congressional campaign and Andy might pursue a new career in the police department.  One of the best episodes in its four seasons.  It was really funny with a lot of emotional scenes, most importantly Leslie’s acceptance speech, which was superbly played by Amy Poehler.  Maybe her best scene so far on this show.  Absolute perfection!


Top 12 Presidential/Vice Presidential Candidates on SNL

These are the Top 12 Presidential or Vice Presidential Candidates as portrayed by the brilliant cast of Saturday Night Live. 


#12.  Darrell Hammond as John McCain

 In the fifteen years that Hammond spent on SNL he perfected many impressions.  McCain was one of them.  He portrayed McCain with a soothing voice and a friendly demeanor, only trying to do what is best for America, my friend.  McCain showed a lot of courage himself by appearing on SNL several times, even hosting the show in 2002.


Classic Sketch: McCain Approves Cold Open    Season 34  Episode 2



#11.  Phil Hartman as Ronald Reagan


 Phil Hartman had just started on SNL when he did his Reagan impersonation.  We knew then that he was a force to be reckoned with.  Hundreds of characters later, his Ronald Reagan is still considered one of his best.


Classic Sketch:  President Reagan:Mastermind  Season 12 Episode 6


 #10.  Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden

I’m not sure people really thought that Joe Biden could be an interesting character, but Jason made him so.  The loud talking, ever smiling Biden that Sudeikis created made him very enjoyable. 

Classic Sketch:  VP Debate Biden/Palin Cold Open  Season 34  Episode 4


 #9.  Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter


 Aykroyd’s Jimmy Carter was very popular in the late 70’s.  It was a time when making fun of the president was something new that we hadn’t seen done that much before.  His character of Jimmy Carter came off as a laid back president who wants to be just is like every other American.

Classic Sketch:  Ask President Carter  Season 2  Episode 16




#8.  Fred Armisen as Barack Obama

 Fred has had an array of characters during his time on the show, and he stepped into Obama’s shoes with ease.  He has his quick cutting talk and hand gestures down pat.  Obama hasn’t been featured as much as some other presidents have but every time Fred takes him on, it is perfect.

 Classic Sketch:  Democratic Debate #2  Season 33  Episode 6





#7.  Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton

 Amy’s hard driven Hillary was a joy to follow, especially through the 2008 election.  Her sparring with Palin, Obama and even husband Bill was so much fun to watch.  Even Clinton herself came on SNL  in a great sketch featuring Amy playing  Hillary along side the real Hillary. 


Classic Sketch:  Palin/Hillary Cold Open   Season 34 Episode 1



 #6.  Dana Carvey as Ross Perot

 Dana pulled off a double duty stint during the ’92 election season.  Not only did he play George Bush Sr., but he also played one of his opponents Ross Perot.  Perot didn’t need much help making himself funny, a little man with a big nose and twangy southern voice gave Dana a lot of material to work with.  The fact that this rich millionaire was running for president made it all that more amusing.

Classic Sketch: Joyride with Perot    Season 18 Episode 4




#5.  Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford

 In 1975, Chevy Chase started out playing Ford as a klutzy dimwit.  This grew throughout the year and each skit saw him more bumbling and more foolish than the next.  It was a great showcase for Chevy’s physical comedy. 

Classic Sketch:  Christmas Eve at the White House   Season 1 Episode 8




#4.  Tina Fey as Sarah Palin


 Tina Fey was basically hand-picked by the audience to play this role.  She had since left SNL, but when Sarah Palin was first brought into the limelight no one could deny the resemblance.  It was huge when she decided to come back to portray the Alaskan Governor.  People went crazy, as they should have, Fey had Palin’s accent, mannerisms and winks all down to a tee.

Classic Sketch:  Couric/Palin Cold Open  Season 34 Episode 3



#3.  Phil Hartman as Bill Clinton

 Bill Clinton gave a lot of material to Phil Hartman to work with, and he took it and ran with it.  Phil’s portrayal of Clinton was a cool, smooth talking guy.  The laid back President often fought off the ladies while rolling his eyes at Hillary.  The 1992 Election between Bush/Clinton/Perot made for some classic sketches as well as the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  It was a great time for SNL. 

Classic Sketch:  Clinton at McDonald’s   Season 18 Episode 8



#2.  Dana Carvey as George Bush Sr.

 Dana Carvey’s George Bush is almost more famous than the man himself.  His imitation became a pop culture staple in the early 90’s. Carvey brought out Bush’s funny phrases and quirks in a way that made him such an iconic character.  “Wouldn’t be Prudent” and “Thousand points of Light” were just a couple of the memorable lines that Carvey uttered while in office.

 Classic Sketch:  Debate ’92  Season 18 Episode 3






#1.  Will Ferrell as George W. Bush

Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush was a hilarious impression of a president way out of his league.  The southern drawl and the complex words (Strategery) were a few of the things Ferrell nailed.  In a time when Bush was being ridiculed and made fun of by everyone, it was nice to see that SNL was right there with us.

Classic Sketch:   The First Presidential Debate  Season 26 Episode 1

Kristen Wiig’s Top 12 Characters/Impressions From SNL

The best reason to tune in to NBC each Saturday night at 11:30pm is because of  one Kristen Wiig.  She is the most talented comedian on SNL at this point and with an array of characters under her belt, it is a joy to see her in any sketch no matter what she is doing.  So, here are the 12 best characters and impressions that she has done so far. 




#12.  Gilly

  The troublemaking school girl with the joker smile, seems to always have the last laugh.  She even got to host her own SNL Christmas special last year.






#11.  Penelope

  Penelope will always one up you so don’t even try to best her.  The hair-twirling know it all, would probably be appalled that I have her at #11 but I am sure she would still tell everyone she is #1. 






#10.  Jamie Lee Curtis

  Kristen Wiig is so spot on with her impression of Jamie Lee Curtis, the first time I saw it, I actually thought it was Jamie Lee, making fun of herself.   The Activia commercials are hysterical, but we would love to see more of Jamie Lee! 





#9.  Kat from “Garth and Kat”

  Garth and Kat are a singing duo that appear to be prepared but never are.  They make up songs on the spot and do so with hilarious results.  Kristen’s Kat is watching Fred Armisen’s Garth’s every move to try to follow what he is going to sing next.  It usually ends up with them breaking character and laughing.




#8.  Judy Grimes

The weekend update travel writer, is usually a little bit nervous when she goes on air.  Her, “just kidding”, rants go on and on and it is unbelievable how Kristen is able to do these long monologues without breaking or cracking up.




#7.  Aunt Linda

Weekend update’s movie critic, Aunt Linda, likes to bring down the popular movies of the day and praise the lighter fluff pieces such as”Tooth Fairy.”  This eye rolling, middle aged reviewer uses phrases like “Oh Brother” and “Are you Serious” for her movie critique.






#6.  Elisabeth Hasselbeck

 The first time I saw that Kristen was going to be doing Elisabeth Hasselbeck, I was worried, because I thought that she would be tough to impersonate.  It is a great portrayal and makes The View sketches so much funnier.  Elisabeth is someone that needs to be made fun of and I think that Kristen is the only one that can pull it off.





#5.  Target Lady

The Target Lady was one of Kristen’s first recurring characters on SNL.  She is a nosy cashier that basically has to annouce everything that you are getting, then tries to make idle chit chat about it.  She loves her job and she loves Target.  The funniest skit featured Justin Timberlake as “Peg”, her best friend. 







#4.  “Sue” from the Surprise Party

Sue has trouble keeping secrets and is so excited about people getting surprised she finds it hard to contain herself.  Kristen does a really great job at playing this nutty woman who just can’t hold it in.  





#3.  Suze Orman

Suze Orman might be Kristen’s perfect impression.  She has her quick cut talking down so perfectly.  When you watch Suze then Kristen doing Suze you can see how brilliantly she has mimicked her.  Using her thrify ways and her alternative lifestyle as ways to poke fun at her, I wish Suze Orman was a regular skit on SNL every week.








  #2.  Kathie Lee Gifford

Absolutely the funniest impression on SNL at the moment.  Her over the top Kathie Lee who constantly razzes Hoda and talks about how old Frank is just a great addition to SNL.  For anyone who has ever watched Kathie Lee, you will understand how funny this is. 






#1.  Dooneese from the Lawrence Welk Show

This character is someone that could be creepy and so out there but Kristen plays it so genuinely that it works perfectly.  One of four sisters in a singing group from the Finger Lakes, Dooneese, doesn’t really have the polish that her siblings do.  They all have boyfriends and are pretty with beautiful voices, and Dooneese likes to eat roadkill and catch bubbles with her very tiny hands.  You have to see it to believe it, there are almost no words to describe Dooneese, except hilarious.